19 maintenance tips for high speed nail making machines

- Apr 27, 2020-

1. The cables of the power switch and the cables of the main circuit switch configured for the machine must meet the power requirements.

2. Make sure that the protective connection wire that is not less than the cross section of the phase conductor is firmly connected to the PE terminal of the machine tool.

3. Before connecting the power supply, carefully check whether the electrical system is intact and pay attention to whether the motor is wet.

4. Fill the oil tank to the oil level, and check and refill the oil when necessary.

5. Each switch and operation handle should be flexible, smooth and easy to use. Check their movements.

6. For the lubrication point, the type of oil and the corresponding oil level, please refer to the lubrication plate.

7. Check whether the motor, gear and other components emit abnormal noise.

8. Check the lubrication of each sliding part. When the machine tool is working, the working condition of the oil pump should be checked at the same time to ensure that it works normally and effectively.

9. Check whether the protective cover and safety protection device are in good condition.

10. Check the tightness of the belt. If the belt is too worn, it should be adjusted and replaced in time.

11. It is strictly forbidden to place any tools on the plane of the machine.

12. Timely dispose of the iron filings on the belt chip guard under the scissors and the dust between the guide rails on the nail mold.

13. Before shutdown, no cleaning work is allowed.

14. Return all parts of the machine.

15. Check the belt for damage and tightness, and change and repair in time.

16. Check the wear of the cutter and mold. If the wear is serious, please replace it in time.

17, check the amount of lubricant and pollution, if necessary, it should be added and replaced.

18. Clean up the sundries in the inlet to avoid blockage.

19. Before leaving work or leaving the machine, turn off the main power switch, clean the machine and remove iron filings.