Analysis of common problems in drawing process of drawing machine

- Jul 31, 2020-

In the drawing work, one of the problems we may encounter is the "ear" yarn. The reason for this problem mainly includes three reasons: 1. The loop is mainly due to the unreasonable position of the drawing machine or the bundling. The gap between the board and the groove is too large; 2. The product is too large and the yarn quality is too soft; 3. The bobbin of the winder is seriously swayed; 4. The original crease is injured.

The second problem is the edge yarn. The main problem is that the operator used too much force when cutting the wire, or the cake touched the edge of the yarn car during the drying process.

The third problem is called wool yarn, which mainly includes four reasons: 1. The oiling effect is not ideal; 2. The tension is too large during the production process; 3. The cable and the bundler are damaged; 4. Winding Involved in.

The fourth problem is called yarn splitting. The main performance is that the tow drawn by the wire drawing machine is changed from one to two. The reason for this problem is probably because the tow is not put in when getting on the car. The cable shuttle, or the tension is too small during the drawing process, resulting in a jump.

The fifth common problem is called dirty yarn, which means there is dirt on the surface of the drawn wire. The main reasons include: 1. rust water splashes on the yarn; 2. oil leakage from the wire drawing machine; 3. cooling fins 1. The joist has been used for a long time, and the aging problem is serious; 4. After the oiling roller is wiped, it will get on the car without being cleaned in time; 5. Other accidents.