Attention before and after drawing

- Jan 02, 2020-

The step of nail making is drawing, and the quality of nails depends on it to a large extent, so attention should be paid to the details of drawing. If the equipment for wire drawing is a tank wire drawing machine, what are the main points before and after operation?

First, before processing the steel bars, the rust, oil stains, and other debris on the steel bars should be removed first; at the same time, the type, shape, size, and location and quantity of the processing steel bars should be indicated. The second is the technique in the drawing process. According to the use of steel bars, joint types, and joint ratios, the ingredients should be reasonably compounded. The principle of long materials, long materials, short materials, and length matching should not be used to cut the entire steel bar.

After the drawing is finished, the processed semi-finished steel products should be stacked and labeled according to the specifications to prevent errors during use. If the quality of the wire drawing is defective, it should be ruled out and cannot be used for nailing.