Check the drawing machine before use

- Jun 12, 2020-

Wire-drawing machine before the use of inspection can reduce the failure rate of wire-drawing machine, but to check that?Small make up to introduce for you.

One of the contents of the inspection is grounding, must ensure that the electrical equipment drawing machine has a good grounding can be used, in case of electric shock accident.Second is the lubricating oil, the timely addition of help to reduce the wire-drawing machine parts wear.In the process of operation, it is strictly forbidden to touch the handwheel, handle and electrical buttons at will, so as to avoid accidents.Moreover, tools and other objects are not allowed to be placed on the workbench, so as not to affect the use of the machine.

When the grinding wheel is started, no one should stand in front of the grinding wheel. Otherwise, accidents may happen.In addition, the safety devices such as grinding wheel protective cover and belt protective cover installed in the machine tool must be intact and not dismantled at will.