Common faults of nail making machine

- Oct 30, 2020-

But as for all machines, there are inevitably some weird problems. In fact, the problem is not big. For example, the nail making machine, the most common problem is that the nail tips and nail caps are easily crooked. The crooked nail tip is most likely to occur after the nail knife is replaced, and the crooked nail cap is most likely to occur after the fixture is replaced. Then what is the reason: when we replace the nail knife and the fixture, we often use the nail knife directly Once installed with the clamp on the nail making machine, I thought it could be used, but in fact it is not. New nail cutters and new clamps must be adjusted after being installed. Simply put, it is necessary to ensure that the center positions of the three accessories of clamps, nail cutters, and punches are all on the same line. There will be crooked nail tips, and crooked nail caps will occur if the clamps are biased. By adjusting the fastening screws of each part of the nail making machine, the positions of the nail cutter and the clamp are adjusted, and the goal of corresponding to the center line of the clamp, nail cutter and punch is finally achieved. In the process of using the nail making machine, if you find any problems, do not force it to use it. You must eliminate the fault before starting to work, otherwise it may not only produce many defective nails, but also damage the nail making machine. Greater loss.