Contribution of drawing machine principle to environmental protection and its control

- May 08, 2020-

According to the principle of the wire drawing machine, it is learned that if an ordinary wire drawing machine is used for the production of screws, about one thousand kilograms of wave powder are basically consumed each month, and the main ingredient in the wave powder is lime, because lime is very Easy to produce dust. However, the principle of the new type drawing machine does not need to use drawing powder in the production process, so it can make a great contribution to environmental protection.


When the automatic wire drawing machine produces screws, it is also necessary to use clean water to clean the product. The amount of water consumed every month is also very large, resulting in the production of severe industrial wastewater, which contains more alkali, Chemicals of acids and metal elements, if discharged directly from the sewage of these industries, will cause very serious pollution to the environment.


In the process of drawing the wire drawing machine, it may be affected by different factors, such as temperature and operating speed, etc. These factors may have an impact on the performance of the equipment. In addition, the working state, these factors affect our drawing Machine control issues.


The drawing machine principle can be applied to different materials and shows very good performance. But the premise is that the operator uses the wire drawing machine correctly, otherwise the mold and equipment will be adversely affected, and even the service life will be shortened.