Deep analysis of the working principle of nail making machine

- Apr 29, 2020-

1. Wire feeding straightening: The friction wire is used to straighten the bent wire while the wire is being conveyed, and the wire feeding and the straightening action must be coordinated. However, in order to coordinate the subsequent operation process, the wire cannot be continuously transmitted. Therefore, it is necessary to consider using an intermittent nail making machine to make the wire transfer pass intermittently. At the same time, an additional clamping mechanism can relax during wire feeding and clamp during the rest of the operation.

2. Cold heading nail caps: The nails we have seen have nail heads. When the steel wire is clamped by the clamping mechanism, a section of steel wire is exposed for cold heading nail caps. Mobile or swinging punching mechanisms can be used.

3. Cold extruded nail tip: Extrude the nail tip shape through the die.

4. Cutting the wire: After the extrusion is completed, the cutting mechanism can cut the wire, and an emergency return mechanism can be used.

5. The clamping mechanism is loosened, and the nail is dropped.

The combination of wire feeding and wire feeding, each nail is completely separated from the nail rod through three actions of wire feeding, cutting and wire withdrawal, thereby ensuring the quality of each nail produced.

There are relatively many nail-making machines and their interactions are more complicated. Coordination becomes more important, so we consider using gears and belts to connect the active parts to make the nail-making machine have a linkage effect.