Details of nail making machine in use

- Mar 11, 2020-

1. Power supply and venue

The nail making machine equipment uses three different power sources. We need to ensure that the equipment has sufficient power. If the equipment is a set, the factory building needs about 70 square meters. If it is manual, we can have about 2 people. Production.

2. Equipment production and processing

The location of our plant must ensure that the plant is dry and tidy to ensure the production environment of the equipment; the waste residue on the equipment must be cleaned up in time to avoid undesirable situations; the nail making machine must be equipped with screw wrenches commonly used in equipment In this way, we can use it at any time during maintenance; the nail making machine produces different types of nails, and the molds used are different, so when we change the nail production model, don't forget to change the mold.

3. After using the equipment

    After the equipment is used, we need to check whether there are any problems with the produced nails. If there is a problem, we need to find the cause in time. Finally, we need to clean the equipment in time and perform normal maintenance and repair work.