Feeding requirements of nail making machine

- Mar 04, 2020-

The raw material for processing nails can be round or waste steel bar. If it is round, then the straightener in our feeding device will play the role of straightening the steel wire. After the straightening, it will be fed by the feeder. . After the mold clamping device completes this process, the iron wire fed by the feeder is cut and pressed in accordance with the specifications. The punching device on the equipment upsets the cut steel wire, backs out the die, and then discharges the material. Because of the performance of the nail making machine, the feeding structure of the nail making machine must be manually stopped when the equipment is in the state to introduce the wire. At the same time, we cannot use short iron wires processed from waste steel bars to process nails, which will damage the equipment.

    In order to reduce our labor and improve our production efficiency, the feeder of the nail making machine must be able to feed automatically. In order to increase the scope of application of the equipment, it is considered that the equipment can not only use a new circle for processing. For the production of nails, waste steel bars can also be used for processing. Therefore, the feeder must be improved to a certain extent. What are the performances of the new feeder?

1) Strong adaptability, can be used for the processing and production of various specifications of low-carbon steel nails;

2) The wire is evenly fed, and the steel wire of the raw material cannot be long and short. It must be ensured that the length of the wire is approximately the same;

3) The feeding process of the nail making machine can introduce new raw materials without stopping the equipment;

4) Nails with shorter raw materials can be used for processing and producing nails. At the end, the iron wires for producing nails cannot be processed. They can be automatically dropped without manual removal and will not get stuck in the equipment.