Heating method of wire drawing machine and its speed control system

- Jul 22, 2020-

The wire drawing machine is used for the general plastic wire drawing machine with higher demand. The whole system is more complicated, and the control equipment needs harmony between the various motors. There are many ways to heat the wire drawing machine, some use resistance wire to heat, and some use electromagnetic to heat.

The resistance wire heating is equivalent to using heat transfer to heat. It is because the iron sheet heats up and transfers the heat into the barrel. In this process, part of the heat will be consumed on the way, and the other part is Emitted in the air, thereby forming a waste of thermal energy, which is also a waste of electrical energy.

The function of the electromagnetic heater is to heat and save energy for the plastic machinery. It can completely replace the old-fashioned resistance heating. The main purpose is to wrap a layer of thermal insulation cotton on the barrel, which can reduce the consumption of thermal energy and rewind on the thermal insulation cotton. A layer of electromagnetic heating coil. When the wire drawing machine is powered on, the iron molecules in the barrel will operate more strongly, then the barrel will heat up, so this method is more energy-efficient and more efficient than the traditional method. High and the conversion from the traditional resistance type to the current electromagnetic heating type can also save about 30% of the electricity.

The demand for wire drawing machine system is a speed control is very high, the control system can provide a very accurate and lubricated linear speed. Four servo motors are used for control, which satisfies the real-time interaction between data and the real-time data exchange between each group of axes.

In order to ensure the locality of the side line according to the trajectory of the algorithm, it is required that the line of the line can be quickly calculated. The calculation of the driver itself and the line of the self-driven motor greatly save the position of the line of the traditional wire drawing machine control system. It is calculated and then sent to the drive due to time delay, ensuring the line, to minimize the delay through the controller.https://www.nailmaking-machine.com/