High-speed nail making machines solve 3 major problems

- May 01, 2020-

1. The high-speed nail making machine subverts the traditional nail production process and adopts automatic control to fundamentally solve the existence of nails produced by traditional nail making machines: long and short nails, partial caps, different cap sizes, aircraft Limited quality of head, dome and nail.

2. Don't be afraid that the nail cap you want is too big, I'm afraid you don't want to be big. If you can ask, we can help you achieve it!

3. This product has great subversive design and innovation in the overall nail making process, nail cap formation, and overall mechanical design. It has applied for 1 invention patent and 3 utility model patents, which truly has independent innovation. The high-tech products are more important because they solve the disadvantages of traditional nail making machines and effectively reduce the production cost. At present, the nail factory owner has reduced the nailing labor by 40% -60%, and reduced 30% -50 % Roll nailing has greatly improved product quality and reduced production costs, and enhanced the core competitiveness of the factory.