How does nail making machinery process and produce steel nails

- Mar 15, 2021-

The nail making machine should be very simple to operate. How can we make steel nails? In fact, the general steps of using nail making machinery to make steel nails are divided into the following categories. Indispensable, one by one complete steel nails are manufactured from the nail-making machinery through straightening, cold heading, cold extrusion and other steps: the steel wire is conveyed while the bent steel wire is straightened by the friction wheel of the nail-making machinery, and The wire feeding and straightening actions should be coordinated, but considering that in order to cooperate with the next operation process, the wire cannot be continuously transferred, and the wire feeding should be transferred intermittently. At the same time, a clamping mechanism is added, which can be relaxed during wire feeding and clamped during the rest of the operation time. It is the manufacture of nail caps. All the nails we have seen have caps. When the steel wire is clamped by the nail-making mechanical clamping mechanism, a section of the steel wire is exposed for cold heading. A movable or swinging punching mechanism can be used. The nail tip shape is extruded through the die in the nail making machine.