How does the nail making machine improve the success rate of nail making?

- Feb 08, 2021-

First of all, the nail making machine should keep the machine clean and tidy when making nails. Do not use rusty wire to make nails. Keep the nail cutter sharp. The nail making machine should be lubricated with oil to ensure good lubrication of all lubricated parts.

Second, turn on the machine. Before turning on the machine, remove all the sundries on the machine, and then manually rotate the flywheel one week to check that the machine has no faults before turning on the machine. After the start-up, the standby unit must be in normal operation before turning the wire-in handle to wire-in nails. The wire-in should be stopped before stopping.

Third, during the operation of the machine, attention should be paid to the temperature rise changes of the friction parts of each part and the generation of abnormal noises.

Fourth, do not make adjustments while the machine is running.

Fifth, to keep the nail cutter sharp, the parts that need to be replaced should use the original specifications.

Sixth, when making nails, the wire feeding mechanism should be adjusted so that the end of the nail wire extends properly, and the pre-tightening force of the V-belt should be adjusted to a proper position. The high and low positions of the nail machine mold base and the left and right positions of the nail mold should be appropriate. Adjust the wire feeding mechanism of the nail making machine to make the ends of the nail wires extend properly. The clamping hole of the nail making machine is too large or the gap outside the split plane is too large, and it should be repaired or replaced.

Seventh, the nail-making material should not be too hard, and the appropriate material should be selected so that the nail-making machine scissors can cut the nail wire properly.