How to adjust the nail knife when making nails with the nail making mechanism?

- Jan 02, 2020-

In the process of entering the automatic nail making machine, we should require that the cooperation between the nail knives should not be too close or too wide, otherwise the loss of the nail knives will increase.

After the nail making machine is started, the standby device should be in normal operation before pulling the wire feeding handle to enter the wire nailing. When stopping, the wire feeding should be stopped first. On the one hand, the sharpness of nails depends on the raw materials of the nails. We should try to keep the surface of the iron nails as smooth as possible. For example, there are burrs on the surface of the iron wire. Will be affected, in this case, we only have to replace the drawing die or choose the appropriate raw materials. Secondly, if the hardness of the raw material of the nail is high, the nail cutter will also be worn out.

In the process of nail making, if the nail knife is misaligned, we should adjust the scissors seat and the adjustment frame to center and align the two nail knifes. Adjust the slide clearance of the scissors slider. If the nail tip flashes or cuts continuously, adjust the scissors so that the scissors can properly cut the nail wire. Second, the incision of the scissors is uneven, so we should repair the scissors incision of the nail making machine.

When the nail knife of the nail making machine is worn or the angle is incorrect during normal operation, we should repair the nail knife in time. For materials with different strength or hardness, we use different nail machine blade parameters.