How to adjust the nail making machine to make nails efficiently

- Feb 05, 2021-

Nail skewed: If this problem occurs, then the nail knife is skewed and damaged, or the mold is loose. And how we can solve it is to check whether the nail knife is damaged or skewed. If the nail knife is skewed, the nails will naturally be skewed. So in our usual repair, maintenance and use process , We should not only pay attention to and protect nail knives, but also increase the pass rate of our nails. Second, if the nail mold shows signs of loosening, the nails will also appear skewed to different degrees, so we also cannot ignore the skew of the nail mold. 

The nails are not straight or bent: If this happens, if the nail base is loose or the cutting edge of the scissors does not meet the requirements, or the scissors are out of structure. We are to check whether the trapezoidal screw head meets our requirements. The nut of the nail making machine is loosened and the nut is tightened; when the cutter of the second nail making machine cuts materials with different hardness, the cutting edge is also different; when checking the nail making machine shear When cutting parts, if necessary, we can replace parts to solve this problem.

No nail cap: This is a common fault, and most of the reasons are that the clamps are not tightly clamped. You only need to replace the clamps. Another possibility is that the nails reserved for punching caps are too short , Just adjust the reserved nail wire length.

Nail cap is not round: This fault usually lies in the fixture. First, observe whether the counterbore on the fixture is rounded. If it is not round, re-drill it; also need to observe whether the fixture die hole is uneven and adjust the leveling. Another possibility is the nail wire problem. Either the nail wire reserved for punching the nail cap is too short, adjust the length of the reserved nail wire; or the nail wire is too hard to punch out the nail cap or the nail cap is unqualified , The nail wire needs to be annealed.  

Nail cap thickness: It is also necessary to check the fixture to see if the height of the two sets of fixtures are the same, and to see whether the fixture can clamp the nail wire, and then observe whether the counterbore of the fixture is severely worn on one side. Afterwards, it is necessary to observe whether the nail wire is too hard and the nail cap that is punched out is unqualified. 

These are some bad conditions of the nails during the nail making and installation process. You can find the problems and make corrections only by slightly correcting the above.