How to control the speed of the drawing machine in the drawing process

- Apr 01, 2020-

The wire drawing machine has pulley type wire drawing machine, there are double reel type, straight-in type, looper type, tuning roller linear type, combined type and various water tank wire drawing machine. In the drawing process, the steel wire and the surface of the reel do not slide relative to each other in the circumferential direction of the reel, and the surface wear of the two is relatively small, and when a certain reel is temporarily stopped in the middle, The following reels can still work for a period of time depending on the respective amount of wire.

Double-reel wire drawing machine Because the pulley wire drawing machine will twist the wire during the drawing process, a double-reel wire drawing machine has been developed on the basis of the pulley wire drawing machine. This model has the advantages of a pulley wire drawing machine, and eliminates the twisting of the steel wire during the drawing process, and the cooling effect of the steel wire on the drum is better. The double-roller wire drawing machine is the same as the pulley-type wire drawing machine, and has more guide wheels, especially the middle wire guide roller between the upper and lower rolls.