How to deal with broken wire in the drawing machine

- Jul 10, 2020-

In the production process of the wire drawing machine, sometimes the wire breaks frequently. If the sizing area of the wire drawing die becomes larger due to wear, then this problem can be easily solved as long as the normal attention is paid to prevent the inspection work. It may also be caused by the instability of the current, so it is necessary to pay attention to whether the annealing current is stable. This should be constantly paid attention to during the production process, especially at the time of starting, especially the change in current, which should be adjusted according to the change in line speed. Annealing current size. The last situation rarely occurs in the production process, and almost does not occur. It is the quality of the rod. As long as it is well controlled during the purchase, this problem will not be a problem.

In fact, as long as you pay more attention to the actual production, then the wire drawing machine does not need to break the wire frequently during the production process, which will help improve the quality and production efficiency of the copper wire drawing machine and bring more profits to the enterprise.