How to deal with the malfunction of the nail machine

- Jan 06, 2021-

During the use of the nail arranging machine, a common fault is the cracking of the nail tip. This is a problem that ordinary people who operate the nail arranging machine will encounter. Although the problem is not big, we still have to solve the problem as much as possible. If the nail tip is cracked, stop the machine in time, replace the wire, or re-temper the wire, produce new wire, and clean the garbage in the garbage chute in time to avoid mixed garbage.

Regarding the nail inclination problem of the nail arranging machine, this is also a common problem. The inclination of the nail is mainly due to the deviation of the degree of wear of the blade, which leads to the inconsistency of the left and right in the nail making process. One phenomenon, the measures that need to be taken are the re-sharpening of the blade, adjusting the operating height and reasonable position of the shell, to ensure the normal operation of the nailing machine.

Aiming at the flash problem during the operation of the nail arranging machine, it is mainly caused by the different increase in the amount of wire. Too much increase in the amount of wire will make the nail arranging machine too late to produce and flash. What we need to do is to regulate the increase in the wire , Improve the hardness of the scissors, and better implement the nail making operation.