​How to extend the life of nail making machine

- Aug 21, 2020-

First of all: After the new nailing machine is installed, it must be operated at no load for half an hour. This is because the new equipment has not been run-in when it comes out. The no-load operation actually plays a role in running-in. This half an hour requires frequent refueling. , To ensure adequate lubrication of all movable parts.

Secondly: Lubrication must be paid more attention to in daily production. The number of oil injections per shift should not be less than three. The lubricant is mainly butter. Add some butter before starting the machine, and then carry out oil injection from time to time during production.

Third: In daily production, pay attention to whether the fastening screws are loose or not. Due to the working principle of the nail making machine, there is a certain vibration in the nail making opportunity, so this vibration may cause the screws in some positions to loosen , If ignored for a long time, it will lead to various failures.

Finally: after the end of production, the residual iron slag, nails, etc. must be cleaned up on the equipment to prevent it from entering the inside of the equipment, which will cause the wear of all movable parts.https://www.nailmaking-machine.com/