How to maintain the high-speed nail making machine

- Mar 10, 2021-

High-speed nail making machines abound in industrial production. Good use habits and maintenance can extend their service life and ensure production safety. So how should the high-speed nail making machine be maintained? Although the nail is not a valuable product, the high-speed nail making machine is still very important. It is to provide nail equipment for various industries. Therefore, such equipment also needs to be well maintained, so as not to affect the efficiency of the formulation and the quality of the product. How should it be operated? Remember that when the high-speed nail making machine is in operation, do not make various adjustments. Work to avoid danger. After starting the high-speed nail making machine, wait until it runs normally before turning the wire-in handle to make the wire-in nails, and the principle of stopping the wire-in first should also be observed when parking. When the equipment is making nails, its status should be paid attention to at all times, including temperature changes, noises, etc., in order to find problems in time. In order to ensure the quality of nail making, the nail making machine, nail mold and other devices must be cleaned frequently to keep the machine clean and the nail knife sharp. When nail-making encounters a malfunction and needs to be repaired, it must be operated after disconnecting the power supply, and the equipment that needs to be replaced should also be of the original specification.