How to prevent bolt breakage of nail making machine

- Jan 20, 2021-

Bolt breakage is not common. The reason why the bolt breaks is caused by huge vibration or external force. After the bolt breaks, the nail making machine that we process and make nails cannot be used normally. , This is not only a kind of damage to the machine itself, but also affects the production and processing progress of the enterprise and reduces our processing efficiency.

So, now that we know the cause of the bolt fracture, we have to take some countermeasures to solve this problem. For example, we can use fasteners to fix the bolts of the nail making machine. A certain degree of protection. At the same time, different bolts can be used in conjunction with each other, and the effect will be better. Also, in our use of processing and production, it is impossible to avoid various forces, so we are preparing Before using the nail making machine for processing, check whether the bolts are loose.