Importance and Position Adjustment of Nail Making Machine

- Jan 02, 2020-

In the process of making nails, each component of the nail making machine will play its due role, and only with reasonable cooperation can the efficient preparation of ideal nails. For the whole nail making machine, the operation of the shearing mechanism is one of the important links. It is through the action of the nail knife that the purpose of cutting the nail can be achieved.

The nail knife is located on the inner side of the left and right side shafts of the nail making machine. Because the left and right sides face each other and one end of the link is connected to the side shaft cam and the other end is connected to the scissors slider, the cams on the left and right side shafts rotate When you drag the scissors slider, you can make the nail knife move left and right.

But if the position of the nail knife is not reasonable, can the cutting operation be completed so smoothly? Therefore, the nail knife should be adjusted before the operation. As long as the corresponding screw is rotated, the forward and backward position, the up and down position of the scissors seat, and the oblique wedge can be adjusted to make the nail knife in a good position.