Matters needing attention in handling, installation and debugging of nail making machine

- May 27, 2020-

1. Handling:

When loading or unloading by crane or forklift, the equipment should be set out from a stable position, and the bottom or surface of the box should not be impacted or violently shaken during movement and unloading.

2, installation,

The equipment should be placed on a stable and hard ground. If conditions permit, the equipment should be fixed with expansion bolts. However, the thread of expansion bolts should be coated with anti-rust grease.

3, debugging,

Before the test run, the anti-rust grease on the machine parts should be carefully wiped off. The anti-rust grease should not be wiped off with metal tools and other tools that can scratch the surface of parts.

A comprehensive refueling and inspection should be carried out according to the lubrication point before the test run.

Before receiving the electricity, the electrical system should be checked in detail to see if it is in good condition, and the motor should pay attention to whether it is damp or not.

During the test run, first use the hand to rotate the flywheel for a week to check whether the moving parts are flexible and reliable, then can start the car, wait for 30 minutes after the operation to check the movement of all parts, can start to work after normal.