Matters needing attention in handling, installation and commissioning of nail making machine

- Jul 03, 2020-

1. Handling:

When using a crane or forklift for loading or unloading, the equipment should be stably set off, and the bottom or surface of the box must not be subjected to shock and severe vibration during movement and unloading.

2. Installation

The device needs to be placed on a stable and hard ground. If possible, fix the device with expansion bolts, but the threaded parts of the expansion bolts must be coated with anti-rust grease.

3. Commissioning

Before the test run, the rust-preventing grease on the machine parts should be carefully wiped off. Metal tools and other utensils sufficient to scratch the surface of the parts should not be used to wipe out the rust-preventing grease.

Before commissioning, a comprehensive refueling and inspection should be carried out in accordance with the lubrication points.

Before connecting the power, you should check whether the electrical system is intact, pay attention to whether the motor is damp, and connect the electric wire and the ground wire reliably according to the direction of operation of the nail making machine.

During the test run, first use the hand to turn the flywheel for a week to check whether the moving parts are flexible and reliable, and then you can drive. After 30 minutes of operation, check the movement of each part and start working after normal.