Matters needing attention in operating continuous wire drawing machine

- Nov 11, 2020-

The installation of the continuous wire drawing machine also requires small skills. It takes advantage of the ductility of the metal wire and reduces the diameter of the wire through the wire drawing equipment. This kind of wire has reached our needs. The continuous wire drawing machine is mainly composed of two parts, namely pay-off equipment and take-up equipment. Its operating principle is a device that requires very high speed control, and requires the control system to provide a very accurate and smooth line speed. The wire drawing machine used for drawing gold wire is more demanding than general. In the process of pretreatment, it mainly includes two parts, namely surface pretreatment and heat treatment. Only the pre-processed wire can be guaranteed to achieve a better drawing effect during the drawing process using the drawing machine equipment. As for the main content of surface pretreatment, it includes: if the surface of the wire contains a lot of oil or impurities, it should be cleaned and dried before drawing; if the surface of the wire contains more oxide scale, Then it needs to be pickled and dried before drawing; if the wire surface has problems such as peeling, pits, heavy leather, etc., then you need to use a grinder for grinding, and then you can use the drawing machine equipment Drawn.