​Matters needing attention in order to avoid poor wire drawing effect

- Oct 02, 2020-

When the wire drawing machine is in operation, its speed will gradually be out of sync with annealing. At this time, various undesirable phenomena of wire diameter will be caused due to the speed of traction. Fundamentally speaking, it is mainly due to the wear and tear caused by the long-term use of the main motor gearbox of the wire drawing machine; it is also related to the unstable tension on the wire storage wheel and the flutter of the copper wire on the annealing wheel.

To avoid the problem, you can only make the best measures, including lubricating the thread storage well to reduce the occurrence of wear; adjusting the tension of the thread to ensure that the drawing stroke is always close to the annealing wheel; checking the annealing wheel steel ring Integrity, prevention of defects, etc.https://www.nailmaking-machine.com/