Measures to reduce tool wear in nailing machine

- May 29, 2020-

One, the material does not accord with the requirement.

There are some defects in the material of nail making, such as grime, coaming, etc., which cause serious problems of tool wear.Then, to avoid these problems, choose the appropriate material for processing, or change the corresponding tool to process.

Nail material is too hard, not suitable for nail material, nail material requirements is 195# or 235# wire, wire is too hard, will cause damage to nail wire.

Two, nail tool itself.

In the production of nail making, different tools are suitable for different processing, nail making machine tool edge, must meet the use requirements, should be treated differently, we should according to the actual situation, to choose the appropriate tool, especially should pay attention to.

Third, nail making equipment is not adjusted well.

Nail-making tool wear fast, may be the nail-making equipment is not adjusted, we should check the feed wire cutter and feed wire roller into the line is normal, if there is a problem of too tight or too loose, should be nail-making tool cause wear, therefore, if the adjustment is not appropriate, for the nail tool wear can not be ignored.