Nail making machine process

- Dec 07, 2020-

Scrap steel bars, A+B type wire drawing machine, nail making machine (choose one), polishing machine, packing and leaving factory. 1. Feeding materials: Use the remaining scrap heads of the prefabrication yard with a diameter of less than 8mm and a length of more than 10cm, and scrap steel bars, cold drawn wires, waste welding rods, and round heads from the old house as raw materials.

2. Principle: 1. First, the raw materials are drawn through the wire drawing machine to remove the rust at the same time, and drawn to the specification diameter of the nail you need; 2. Then enter the nail making machine to make round nails;

3. Put it into the polishing machine (add raw materials), throw it to the brightness you need, and pour out;

4. The metering packaging leaves the factory. (It can also be used in grids, chicken coops, greenhouses, hangers, cart baskets, etc.)