Nailing machine feeding requirements

- May 13, 2020-

The raw materials for processing nails can be disc or scrap steel bar. If it is disc, the straightener in our feeding device plays the role of straightening the steel wire. After straightening, it is sent into the feeder.After the die closing device has completed this process, cut and compress the wire coming in from the feeder according to the specification.Stamping plant and equipment will have to cut off the wire upsetting, die retreat, and then discharge, because the performance of the nail making machine, so the nail making machine feeding structure must be under the conditions of equipment downtime to use artificial lead wire, at the same time, we cannot use the short wire, scrap steel processing processed nails, so there is a damage to equipment.

To reduce the number of our human at the same time, but also improve the efficiency of our production, so the nail making machine feeder must be able to automatically feed, in order to improve the applicable range of equipment, considering the equipment not only can use the new disc round nails for processing production, at the same time can also make use of scrap steel processing production, so the feeder must pass a certain improvement, so what are the new type of feeder performance?

1) strong adaptability, can be used for the processing and production of a variety of specifications of mild steel nail;

2) even wire feeding. The steel wire of the raw material cannot be long and short, so the length of the wire must be roughly the same;

3) in the feeding process of nailing machine, new raw materials can be introduced without the equipment being shut down;

4) nails can be processed with the short iron wire of raw materials. At the end of the end, the iron wire that cannot be processed to produce nails can fall down automatically, without needing to be taken out manually or stuck in the equipment.