Notes for daily use of nail making machine

- Jun 15, 2020-

1. After the nailing machine starts, it should wait for normal operation before turning the feed handle, and stop the feed when it needs to stop.

2. Do not use rusty materials when producing nails, and clean the nailing machine and the nailing mould every day and keep the machine clean.

3. In order to ensure the working efficiency of the nailing machine, the sharpness of the nailing knife must be kept.

4. If the parts of the equipment need to be lubricated, oil them regularly.

5. With the new equipment, be sure to do a lot of lubrication work within half a month.

6. Please note the noise and temperature change of the friction part of the machine during operation.

7. If the equipment is in operation, it must not be repaired. Remember to disconnect the power supply first.