Operation mode of continuous wire drawing machine during annealing

- Feb 03, 2021-

The preparation work of the continuous wire drawing machine before starting up must be handled properly, for example, before starting up, check whether the annealing device of the wire drawing machine and the wire take-up machine are intact; whether the water supply, air supply, lubricating oil and alcohol are all available; the production site is clean and free , No water, no oil. Prepare the mold according to the specifications required by the work instruction. When the copper wire passes through the die, it passes through the drawing drums and passes the annealing section to the wire take-up machine. After the preparation work is completed, it is time to turn on: firstly reset the potentiometer knob of the continuous wire drawing machine, then close the power switch handle, press the power button, and then press the control panel, set the data, open the reset button, set the wire diameter, and set the speed setting. parameter. Then press the controller to run, stop the button to start, and at the same time rotate the wire drawing machine. When the boot is running normally, adjust the drying temperature knob, but the drying current should not be too large, because too much current will easily produce oxidation points, and the same wire diameter does not need to adjust the drying temperature button again.