​Operation requirements and maintenance of wire drawing machine

- Oct 26, 2020-

Before processing the wire drawing machine, the operator should carefully read the drawings and related technical data, and understand and grasp it. When processing, it is necessary to correctly select and confirm the drawing direction, drawing surface, etc., and operate in accordance with the requirements of the rules. It is also necessary to maintain the appearance of the workpiece to prevent it from being scratched and to avoid spoilage.

The products processed by the wire drawing machine should be handled with care, and layered maintenance should be carried out to prevent the products from being damaged. The exterior and surroundings of the equipment should be kept clean, tidy and hygienic; the air supply pipelines, joints, and sanding belts should be checked to see if the touch is outstanding and whether adjustments are required; drain the water in the air filter and smooth the bearing seat.

In addition to daily maintenance, check whether the tension of the wire drawing machine conveyor belt and abrasive belt is appropriate and whether it needs to be adjusted; whether the wire drawing machine is operated correctly and safely to ensure that the wire drawing machine can always maintain a good working condition.

The wire drawing machine is used for the higher requirements of the general plastic wire drawing machine for drawing gold wire. The whole system is more complicated, and the control equipment requires the coordination of various motors. The system uses four servo motors to control, which fully meets the real-time interaction between data and the servo for real-time data exchange between each group of axes.

In the system view that requires fast interaction between motor shafts, in order to ensure the locality of the side line of the track according to the algorithm, the wires of the row are required to be quickly accounted for. We also make full use of the servo internal firmware function, which is calculated by the drive itself. The self-driving motor travel line greatly saves the calculation of the travel line orientation of the control system of the traditional plastic drawing machine, and then sends it to the driver due to the time delay to ensure the line line to minimize the delay through the manipulator.https://www.nailmaking-machine.com/