Reasons for fast damage of nail making machine parts

- Mar 16, 2020-

Reason one: The material is too hard. Excessive performance of raw materials, defects such as ash inclusions or shelters will cause fast tool wear.

Reason two, the cause of the tool itself. The cutting edges of some tools do not meet the requirements. It should be noted here that the cutting edges used for raw materials of different hardness or strength are also different.

Cause three: The machine itself is not adjusted properly. When the wire feeding knife or the wire feeding roller is inadequately clamped or too tight when entering the wire, we must adjust the wire feeding knife in time so that the knife can reliably feed the wire and change the wire feeder. Wear parts.

Cause four: The pay-off frame is not suitable or the turntable is not flexible. When this problem arises, we should redesign the pay-off rack, and the flexibility of turning the turntable is balanced.