​Requirements for installation and use of wire drawing machine

- Oct 07, 2020-

(1) The installation foundation of the wire drawing machine must be very stable to avoid vibration;

(2) During installation, the drawing axis of the wire must be symmetrical with the center line of the die hole through debugging, so that the stress of the wire and the drawing die is uniform;

(3) Avoid frequently starting and stopping during the drawing process, because the friction caused by the tensile stress at the start of drawing is much greater than the friction during normal drawing, which will inevitably increase the wear of the mold.

In addition, the wire used for drawing must undergo pretreatment: surface pretreatment and heat treatment.

(1) Surface pretreatment: For the wire with dirty surface and more impurities, it must be cleaned and dried before drawing; for the wire with more oxide scale on the surface, it must be acidified and dried first. Drawing after drying; for the wire with peeling, pits, heavy leather and other phenomena on the surface, it must be trimmed by a grinder before drawing;

(2) Heat treatment: For wires with excessive hardness or uneven hardness, annealing or tempering should be used to reduce the hardness first, and the wire should maintain good hardness uniformity before drawing.https://www.nailmaking-machine.com/