The causes of nail making machine damage

- Aug 12, 2020-

First, damage during transportation: Whether it is newly purchased equipment or relocation of the factory site, the transportation of the nail making machine cannot be avoided, and bumps and bumps are inevitable during transportation, but under normal circumstances, only the appearance of the nail making machine will be affected. The damage has no effect on the performance of the nail making machine, but for safety reasons, it is best to remove the head of the nail making machine during transportation.

Second, use rusty wire: In actual production, it often appears that there are enough nails of a certain specification, but there are still some remaining wires. Then these remaining wires should not be thrown away. Anti-rust treatment must be done to prepare for the next production.

Third, lubrication: Some production workers do not perform lubrication on the nail-making machine in order to save troubles, resulting in grinding of the moving parts of the nail-making machine. This situation is the most serious, so we must pay attention to the nail-making machine in daily production. Lubrication.

Fourth, aging: The nail making machine is used for a long time, and internal damage will also occur. This is consistent with the principle that people's physical fitness will get worse with age.