There are several reasons for the rapid damage of the nail making machine

- Mar 25, 2020-

  1. The material is too hard. If the material is too hard, it will cause rapid tool wear; the material has defects such as ash and shelter.

  2. For the reason of the tool itself, some cutting edges do not meet the requirements. It should be noted here that the applicable cutting edges for different hardness and strength materials are also different.

  3. The machine is not adjusted properly, and the clamping force when the wire feeding knife or the wire feeding roller is insufficient is too tight. At this time, we should adjust the wire feeding knife, so that the knife can reliably feed the wire, and replace the wire feeder wear parts .

  4. The pay-off stand is not suitable or the turntable is not flexible. In this case, we should redesign the pay-off stand and ensure that the turntable rotates flexibly and evenly.