Troubleshoot nail tip cracking in nail machine production

- Jan 02, 2020-

No matter whether the nail is bent or deformed or the nail tip is cracked, it is a malfunction for the nail making machine. In order not to affect the qualification rate of the nail making, how to properly solve this problem?

When using a nail-making mechanism to nail, you will find that the tip of the nail cracks. Although the problem is not big, it must be solved as soon as possible. The first is the cause of such problems. As long as there are three aspects, one is related to the material and its hardness is too high; the other is caused by the inconsistency and requirements of the cutting edge of the nail making machine; It is caused by various defects in the material.

In response to such a situation, we should stop and replace the iron wire in time, or temper the wire again to produce new iron wire; at the same time, clean up the garbage in the garbage tank in time to avoid causing mixed use of the garbage; don't forget to repair the scissors Grinding and reasonable setting of equipment parameters.