What are the market prospects for making nails?

- Jan 02, 2020-

Many friends who have not inspected the nail making industry think that why are so many people joining the nail making industry? How profitable is it to produce such a small nail?

1} Small risk: The nail making business is different from those of the store type. The store type business may not be profitable even if it is not careful. It will make it difficult for people to put these stocks in the face of a mountain of inventory. Realize immediately, but the nail making industry is different. Even if you want to switch to another halfway, the remaining materials can be sold at any time even if the scrap iron is sold. Compared with those mountainous stocks, it is more comfortable.

2} Small investment: We have obvious advantages for the nail making industry. If you invest in the city, you can just find an old factory or a small yard on the side of the city and you can produce it, and the price of renting houses is low, reducing our initial The cost is much cheaper than the high facade rent of those shops. If you want to put into production in the countryside, it is better. If you have a yard at home, you can produce it directly in our own yard. The size of this nail can be large or small, and equipment can be equipped according to customer needs. The entire set of equipment can occupy more than 40 square meters, and it also includes a large amount of raw material area!

3} Stability of profits: Regardless of how the entire market changes, the prices of raw materials and the prices of finished products are intended to correspond to rises and falls, there will be no loss, and a certain profit margin can be guaranteed. Don't worry about this, not to mention that the development of the construction industry is still fast, and the demand for nails in the market is very large.

4} The raw materials are very common: the raw materials for making nails are not as demanding as the other equipment, and other industries are not as good as the raw materials, but the nail making industry is different. The raw materials it requires are commonly used on construction sites. In the city, we do n’t talk about it. Even in rural areas, we ca n’t open a house to build a house. This kind of raw material is common throughout the country.

5} Low technical content: Many users said that I did n’t know anything about it, I have n’t seen it before, how can I do it? And here we definitely tell you that you have a little knowledge of machinery and can learn it in half a day. And if you don't know a little about machinery, it doesn't matter. We have technicians to teach you on the spot until you can do it.

6} It is convenient to expand the scale: After a period of time, many users say that they want to expand production, then they can. The nail making industry is not like other industries. Expanding production requires a lot of work and construction. To expand production, only one forklift is needed to transport the machine. There are no excessive requirements on the site, because the nail making machine is flexible and compact, and can work normally in any position.

7} Good sales: nails are used in various industries, including every household, such as furniture, decoration, building, etc. Especially some mold factories also need nails to fix molds, which is a must for every family Indispensable hardware.