What are the production steps of the wire drawing machine?

- Apr 17, 2020-

The wire drawing production mainly includes three steps: pay-off, wire drawing, and take-up. Pay-off: The pay-off of metal wire has no high accuracy requirements for the entire wire drawing machine. For most wire-drawing machines, the pay-off operation is achieved by the drive-driven pay-off frame, but there are also some double The wire drawing machine controlled by frequency conversion is even directly drawn into the wire drawing machine through the wire tension of the wire drawing section to realize free winding. Wire drawing: The wire drawing step is the most important work step of the wire drawing machine. Different metal materials, different silk types and requirements, the drawing process is very different; Take-up: The working speed of the take-up process determines the production efficiency of the entire drawing machine, and it is also the most difficult part of the entire system to control. In the take-up part, the commonly used control technologies are synchronous control and tension control to achieve the winding of metal products.