What causes the nail to bend?

- Jan 02, 2020-

Nail bending is nothing more than two reasons. Either the hardness of the nail is not enough or the diameter of the nail does not meet the standard. So what do these problems have to do with nail making machines?

In fact, there is no direct relationship. The hardness of the nail is not enough. It can only be said that the raw materials used in the production are not suitable. The appropriate material is neither too soft nor too hard. As for the problem of nail diameter, the wire drawing machine should also be related, because the diameter of the nail is too small by the wire drawing machine, which causes the diameter of the nail to fall short of the standard.

Nails are divided into different types such as heavy, standard, and light. Their diameter and size are proportional. Once the nails are too thin, they will bend during use. Therefore, when facing the problem of nail bending, based on different standards, find a reasonable method to solve it.