What failures occur during the nailing process?

- Jan 02, 2020-

What failures occur during the nailing process? How should we proceed and exclude.

First of all, you can manually turn the flywheel of the nail making machine to check whether the moving parts are flexible and reliable. After you have determined that there is no problem, you can start the machine after the machine is turned on, and then you can pull the wire inlet handle to enter the nail. Stop the line first.

Second, during the operation of the nail making machine, we should always pay attention to the friction temperature rise and abnormal sound of various parts of the nail making machine. If you feel abnormal, we should control the feeding of the nail making machine and stop the feeding.

Third, if there are no knife marks on the nail body, the entire thread clamp slider is located at the front and rear positions of the thread clamp slide, and the wire entry knife marks can be adjusted to the nail cap or nail tip to achieve the purpose of the nail body knife marks.

Fourth, after the nail is made, we should pay attention to whether the nail cap, nail body and nail tip meet the requirements, and troubleshoot for different faults. Nail-making machine failures are often caused by multiple reasons. Operators and equipment maintenance personnel should be familiar with the performance and working principle of the nail-making machine. Starting from the site, you can also consult the nail-making machine manufacturer to better eliminate nail defects. Keep the machine in normal working condition.