What failures will occur during the nail making mechanism

- Feb 19, 2021-

First of all, you can turn the flywheel of the nail making machine one circle to check whether the moving parts are flexible and reliable. After confirming that there is no problem, it can be turned on. After the standby device is running normally, the threading handle can be pulled into the thread to make nails. Stop incoming lines first.

Second, during the operation of the nail making machine, we should always pay attention to the changes in the friction temperature rise of each part of the nail making machine and the generation of abnormal noise. If it feels abnormal, we should control the incoming line of the nail making machine and stop the incoming line during adjustment.

Third, if there is no knife mark on the nail body, the entire clamping thread slider is at the front and rear positions of the clamping slide seat, and the thread cutting mark can be adjusted to the nail cap or nail tip, so as to achieve the purpose of the nail body knife mark.

Fourth, after the nail is made, we should pay attention to whether the nail cap, nail body, and nail tip meet the regulations, and eliminate different faults.