What is the nail making process?

- Jan 02, 2020-

The nail making process of the nail making equipment is firstly drawn, then nailed, and finally polished.

No matter which raw material is used for nail making equipment, it must be drawn, nailed and polished. However, the equipment selected for the nail making equipment is different. From the raw materials, there are new materials and waste steel bars. The difference between the two is the use of new materials. In the nail making and drawing process, a horizontal drawing machine or a continuous drawing machine is selected; and when a waste material is selected, a roll drawing machine is used. Furthermore, due to the different lengths of waste steel bars, their feeding methods are different, so the wire drawing machine also needs to dock the waste steel bars with a butt welding machine.

The process of nail making equipment should be drawn, nailed and polished. Its equipment configuration can be mainly equipped with a host (nail making machine), wire drawing machine, straightening machine and polishing machine. The wire drawing machine is mainly used for drawing steel bars to the diameter of nails to be manufactured. The main purpose of the straightening machine is to straighten the steel bars without bending.

Polishing machine is a machine that grinds semi-finished nails into flat nails. Put raw materials such as paraffin sawdust in the polishing machine, and smooth the extra filaments or edges on the nails. The nail making machine is to draw the treated steel bars into individual nails.