What is the relationship between the wire drawing machine control system and energy saving?

- Jul 13, 2020-

In the production process of the wire drawing machine, the influence of various factors will be reflected in the wire drawing process and the wire drawing effect. In order to avoid the development of things in an unfavorable direction, the equipment must be systematically controlled. To maintain the stable operation of the wire drawing machine, there are many methods that can be used, in which the indirect way is to monitor by detecting changes in voltage and current. Since any fluctuation will directly affect the control of the wire drawing machine system, the controller system can be controlled by changing the wire drawing machine's electrical system. In this case, a frequency converter is required. By detecting the current on the DC side of the inverter of the wire drawing machine, it is possible to feedback the amount of change in the load of the equipment, thereby finding out certain control laws. The AC frequency converter is used for speed adjustment in the wire drawing machine, so that its speed adjustment progress can be improved and the process is satisfied. Practice has proved that such a system not only helps the quality of wire drawing, but also saves electricity to a certain extent, the operating efficiency of the equipment has also been significantly improved, and the energy saving of the wire drawing machine can be achieved.