What makes a good nail?

- Jan 02, 2020-

The reason why it is called a good nail is that all aspects are excellent and can meet the requirements. It is not easy to achieve this. It can be accomplished by combining various elements, the main ones are raw materials and nail making machines. For ordinary iron nails, most of the raw materials are finished round steel bars, and some are scrap steel bars. The difference in material will also affect the quality of the nail. To say that the ideal is 195 # wire, once the material is too hard or soft, there will be many problems with the nail.

Whether the nail making machine is good or not depends on its performance, which has to involve its structural design. The nail making machine is mainly composed of a cutting mechanism and a pay-off mechanism. The former should be located on the inner side of the left and right side shafts of the nail making machine and connected by a connecting rod. For wire storage.

The core is the transmission mechanism of the nail making machine. To have good nails, the nail making machine must be stable, and the size transmission system guarantees this. It is not only stable but also has high transmission efficiency, which is the key factor for making good nails.