What to do if various bad phenomena occur in the mold when drawing nails and drawing

- Jan 02, 2020-

Wire drawing is involved in nail making. In order to ensure the forming quality of the nail, the wire drawing process should be focused on. The drawing quality is largely determined by the drawing die, so proper adjustment is helpful to improve its effect. When the drawing is actually performed, the drawing die can be adjusted up and down, and left and right. The purpose is to make the steel bars more smooth and round.

A common flat die is used in the drawing machine, and it should be as close as possible to the upper and lower rollers, but it should not be in contact with the rollers. In addition, when the steel bar is ejected from the mold, it should be rolled up and down, and it can also contact. If the drawn steel bar is bent to the left, the die should be moved to the right; if it is bent to the right, the die should be moved to the left; if the bar is bent upward, it is moved down, and vice versa.

If various undesirable phenomena occur during the drawing process, immediately turn off the power, then remove the baffle of the upper flat mold and then open the car, so that the reinforcing steel, baffle, and flat mold are separated from the drawing machine at the same time. Wait until the problem is resolved before restarting the assignment.