​Wire drawing machine can be used more energy-saving way

- Oct 16, 2020-

According to the working principle of the wire drawing machine, we know that when the wire drawing machine is working, there is a process that needs heating. When the barrel is heating, it actually uses a heating ring to work, this way of working will cause it to use more electricity. The heating ring needs to be heated to a state of heat, and then transferred to the barrel through it, which is a heat transfer process. Therefore, in this transfer process, some of the heat will definitely be unusable and wasted. Obviously, the wasted heat actually comes from electricity.

In addition to a part of the heat loss during the transfer process, the surface of the heating ring will also be in contact with the air. Therefore, another part of the heat is absorbed by the air, which is also a waste of electricity. According to statistics, when the wire drawing machine is running, the heat transfer process alone loses about 40% of the electricity on the heating coil. If the waste of electricity in this process can be effectively avoided, it will save energy. purpose. 

In order to save electricity, what we need to do is to wrap a layer of insulation cotton on the surface of the wire drawing machine barrel, and then add an electromagnetic heating coil. The electromagnetic induction coil will generate electromagnetic induction after power-on, and the barrel will automatically heat up. The insulation cotton can prevent the heat from escaping into the air, saving at least 30% of the electricity.https://www.nailmaking-machine.com/