Wire drawing machine equipment maintenance matters and control issues

- May 04, 2020-

No matter what equipment can not escape the maintenance work, of course, doing good maintenance is not only good for mechanical equipment, but also beneficial to the users themselves. However, the maintenance method is the maintenance method. If the method is incorrect, it is equivalent to damaging the equipment. The price of wire drawing machine should also pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment.

 Special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the die of the wire drawing machine. Compared with ordinary equipment, high-speed wire drawing machine is faster, so it is more prone to wear problems. In the long-term use process, the mold wall will always be strongly washed and rubbed by different wires during operation. Therefore, over time, relatively severe abrasion will occur. Under normal circumstances, a small dent is often formed at the entrance of the material, which has a certain negative impact on my production work.


If we encounter this problem at work, we need to pay attention to it. Otherwise, if left unattended, there may be more serious consequences. Therefore, once the ring groove of the wire drawing die of the high-speed wire drawing machine equipment is found, measures must be taken to repair it in time to avoid increased losses, which will eventually lead to the complete collapse of the die.


During the process of drawing the wire drawing machine, it may be affected by different factors, such as temperature and speed of operation. These factors may affect the performance of the drawing machine, so it is necessary to control this aspect.


When operating the drawing machine, some methods are obviously wrong, and we should try to avoid them. For example, the compression ratio set by the east drawing machine in the drawing process is unreasonable, which will cause the die of the drawing machine to be damaged or cracked, which is mainly caused by the release of internal stress.