Working principle of wire drawing machine

- Feb 14, 2020-

The continuous production equipment of pulling head, through drawing the specifications required by multiple components of wire drawing machine, one-time cold drawn steel wire, copper wire, wire, etc. step by step, has high winding efficiency compared with the finished product line. The drawing machine covers an area of equipment, which is mainly composed of several parts of wire setting out, wire drawing, water cooling, wire taking up and cable, including the electric drive, which is mainly composed of wire laying bacteria motor, cable motor, etc, In order to achieve its production quality and efficiency is essential for enterprises. The wire drawing machine mainly consists of some basic steps: wire drawing process of paying off, the whole link with low precision requirements, wire drawing machine, plastic wire drawing machine control, mechanical drawing, decision of paying off operation inverter to drive the paying off frame, but there are also some mechanical drawings with double frequency conversion control, and even the drawing drawing drawing machine that can directly send the draft tension of connecting line, to realize free paying off and drawing Silk link is the most important aspect of our work.