N41 Nail Making Machine

N41 Nail Making Machine

UNIWIN Nail making machine is designed for 1-6 inch nails, just feed the wire Q195/SEA1008/ SEA1006/Q235 low carbon steel wire into nail making machine, it will cut the steel wire into nails.
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Product Details

Product Description

UNIWIN Nail making machine is designed for 1-6 inch nails, just feed the wire Q195/SEA1008/ SEA1006/Q235 low carbon steel wire into nail making machine, it will cut the steel wire into nails.


Features of the nail making machine

Z94-4C series is our new designed product with the advantages of :

1. Very low noise, the noise will not let people feel uncomfortable .

2. Nail making machine main parts(Shaft, Cam, Gear) are made of high grade steel with professional heat treatment to ensure nails machine have longer working life and less time maintenance.

3. Auto lubrication: just add the lubricant into the small oil tank, then the machine can lubricate machine parts automatically.

4. Bearing structure and longer lifetime.

5. Each nail making machine will supply related spare parts of nail mould ,nail knife and punch pin, ect.

Production equipment

production equipment

Nail Making Machine Process

This equipment covers one main crank and two side shafts. Due to the special bearing design, it is smoother in operation as compared to the traditional Nail Making Machine. The main axle is directly driven by the motor. Besides, the two side shafts separately used to control the nail cutter part and nail mold part are pulled via four bevel gears.

A wire nail having a head and a shank integral with the head, the shank being formed with a tip and having an axis, and the head having a circumferential edge defining a complete circle; characterized in that the center of the head is radially offset from the axis of the shank.

The wire on the wire wheel will be fed to the working center through the wire roller of the nail making machine, and then the nail head is formed via the stamping of the punch pin after the nail mold clamps the wire tightly. After loosened by the nail mold, the wire will be driven to the cutting center through the side shaft. Later, the nail will be cut into the set length. Finally, the finished nails will be automatically ejected through the ejector.

Our New Develop High-Speed Low Noise Automatic Nail Making Machine adopts plunger and oil pipe lubricating structure to ensure the features such as high speed, low noise, and less impact. Especially, it can make the high quality of nails and other special nails with certain accessories. The assortment of our products is complete. We will supply various machine parts and necessary fine auxiliaries for you.

Project case

project case

Technical Data

Model of Nail making machine





Max. dia. of nail





Min. dia. of nail


2.8 mm

1.8 mm

1.2 mm

Max. Length of nail





Min. length of nail


50 mm



Motor power





Nail making speed













1.5 tons

1 ton

N41 Nail Making Machine Working principle

The process is to make the nails first by using nail makingmachine, then polish the nails by using polish machine to get the finished nails, last, you can packed in carton or bags by hand. however, if you want, you can also add the wire drawing machine and draw the big wire diameter into smaller size diameter.



Nail making machine Spare parts

Nail mould/Grip Die:to clamp the wire for the nail knife to cut, to make different diameter nails, it needs to change different nail mould.

Nail cutter/Nail knife: to cut the steel wire and make the nail point.

Pin Punch/ Hammer: to make nail head. And also nail head can be customized with customer's simple logo.

Wire drawing dies: The function of the drawing dies is reduce the wire diameter. When the wire go through hole, the diameter is reduced.

Customer visiting

Welcome customer s visit our factory to see our nail making machine and its production process, and also welcome customer bring their material samples for testing in our laboratory and talk with our engineer and then choose suitable filter press.

2 our customer


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are manufacturer since 1992. As many manufacturers, we first do business in domestic trade, and then do exporting business since 2008.

Q: Can I visit your factory ?
A: Yes, welcome to our factory, you can see every production details in our factory. we are manufacturer with more than 26 years experience for nail making machine.

Q: What’s the guarantee of the machine?
A: We will provide 1 year warranty.

Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 10-15 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.


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